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An Affordable Alternative for All Family Law Matters

Do You Need Help With Your Family Law Case?

  • FLASH Legal Clinic offers alternative legal solutions for your family law case.

  • Self-Help, A'Law Carte, and Limited Scope representation options allow you choose the best and most cost-effective way to manage through the complicated legal process.

  • All legal documents for your case are prepared and/or supervised by licensed California attorneys.

  • FLASH Legal Clinic allows you to select specific legal services where you know you need assistance and limit what work the attorney will provide on a limited-scope basis.

  • That means you only pay for the legal services you request.


FLASH Legal Clinic's Self-Help program provides a secure client-portal platform to draft, store, edit, and print all case forms and documents, in an editable digital format. Our program is designed to provide affordable and user friendly access to manage all of your legal documents.

A' Law Carte

FLASH Legal Clinic provides a variety of A'Law Carte "Limited-Scope" services, designed to assist clients who can perform many of the required tasks themselves, with access to a Licensed California Attorney when and where they need it. A'Law Carte is self-help with full access to professional services. 

Full Representation

FLASH Legal Clinic is associated with The Law Office of Michael D. Sudman. Since 1999, our office has represented families in Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties. Our office focuses on Family Law matters with the goal of guiding our clients through a complicated process during a very difficult time in your family's life. We have extensive experience in high-conflict cases including, but not limited to, adoption, termination of parental rights, move-away requests, legal custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and property division.